how we collaborate

We start by meeting to determine your needs and goals for your home, project priorities and personal style. We’ll also get a clear idea of your project budget and timeline for execution so we can develop a plan that suits your vision and your lifestyle. 

initial design consultation

The time to complete a project varies depending on a number of factors including complexity, size, and space.


Drawing on our initial consultation, we’ll develop a custom design estimate to outline the anticipated costs of the project. We want to make sure we’re all on the same page so we can get to work transforming your space and giving it that “can’t wait to live in” feeling.



Now the real fun begins! We develop and present to you the overall design scheme so you can imagine living in your new space. This presentation will include elements like furniture layouts, elevations, paint colours, wallpapers, furniture, hardware, window treatments, lighting, finishes, and soft furnishings.  Quotes and pricing are researched. In sum, this is where all design decisions are carefully sourced, examined and considered. During this phase, there will be continuing correspondence and/or meetings to ensure that we're on track.


design phase

Now we start executing the design plan! We manage your project with responsiveness and absolute attentiveness, endeavoring to make deliveries seamless, trade work exceed expectations and have all items sourced and purchased so we remain on schedule. 

project management


We’re almost there! Now we pull everything together and spend a day styling all of the elements for you so you can step back into your new space for the big reveal!
Now that all the hard work is done, we hope you can sit back, relax and bask in your newly-designed house that finally feels like home.



 From the big vision to the hand-selected detail,
let’s create a space you can’t wait to live in.